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"These wonderful ladies guide you through your own maze. Mild, soft, determined, humorous and challenging, they complement and feel each other and the group flawlessly."

(Reinhard Peeters)

 "These women are fantastic, passionate and talented coaches, doing this truly by leading by example. They  walk their talk and are two of the most inspiring persons I know."

(Reinhilde Mullenders)

I never could have imagined this. I’m blown away by the presence and the inspiration you are sharing with us. If anywhere a YES resonates, take action immediately.

(Joke Deckx)

Step into a world of magic...

We are Zoë & Mieke and we have created The Manifestation Vortex out of our own personal search for purpose and meaning in our life as women, mothers and creators. We believe we all have a unique contribution. Our deepest desire is for you to manifest your dreams and live a life of true fulfilment. 

We combine our personal experience & wisdom (knowledge and -how) and provide you with all the tools that helped us change our reality. Join our community of committed people who grow their potential & take every opportunity to create a life of service whilst manifesting their dreams. 

How can we be of service to you?

Your ONLY job is...

to create a life that you fully enjoy!


Do you realize that you are entirely responsible for the life you have created so far?

Everything around you is the result of your past decisions and actions.

You have a unique contribution to bring to the world, one that only you can share. 

What does your life look like if you would connect to your true reason for being here?

Do you want to connect to your unlimited energy and find your inner drive?

How would it feel to take the right actions, to use your talents and feed your passions on a daily basis?


With our guidance & the support of our community,

you will have everything to find, manifest and master your LIFE PURPOSE. .  


Are you ready to step outside of your comfort zone and into your limitless potential?


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